Our company

Our family has more than 50 years in the agricultural sector, we started with the machinery's sale, and we have consolidated our trajectory based on our brand, the family surname. We are located in Dolores city, Department of Soriano, with more than 10 years of experience in the cereal and oilseed market.

We are committed to creating sustainable businesses over time, not only to adapt to the needs of our customers, but also to those of a constantly developing market.

Why our service?

Because we are an independent company, whose objective is the constant pursuit of competitiveness, and the best business for our clients.

Our goal is to continue building the pillars of transparency, professionalism, and the seal of the word. We offer seriousness and responsibility in the concretion of transactions and investments with our clients.

We invite you to know us to seek business relationships with a future vision.


Ing. Agr. Pablo Almada / Director